Case Study from Non Government Organization (NGO)

19 Jul

Sima has been working for twenty years. She reported that male/female ratio is lopsided and the competition is uneven because of social condition and the way a girl child is treated from her birth. She has been a member of the Gender Committee for seven years and finds that crude harassment is much less than before, but it still occurs. She narrated two rape incidents that occurred at the Field Office. In one case, Selina who was base line worker in the Field Office used to get harassed by her supervisor. The supervisor, on various occasions, used to touch her and brush his body against her. One day she got held up because of rain and had to wait in supervisor’s office room. The supervisor raped her. In another case a rape incident took place in Comilla Field Office where a trainee was raped by the supervisor. Both incidents took place in mid-1990s before the adoption of the sexual harassment policy but upon complaints both supervisors lost their jobs. However, it is to be noted that even after the adoption of the policy between 1997 and 2002 as many as five rape cases have been reported to the Gender Unit of Human Rights.


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