Case Study from Media

19 Jul

Parveen is a thirty years old unmarried young woman who has been working as reporter for a vernacular daily. The environment of the organization, according to Parveen is prone to sexual harassment. She herself has become victim of sexual harassment in her organization and mostly it was done by her male colleagues. On many   occasions, she faced unwanted touch from her male colleague but she tolerated such male advance mainly for a number of reasons: lack of sexual harassment policy and sexual grievance procedure, existing gender ideology, patriarchal socialization and the fact that the incidents were made to look like accidental one. Sexist comments like “You are beautiful and you have enormous sex appeal” have been common. Although she found these male behaviours demeaning, her male colleagues seem to be quite oblivious about the impact of such language and physical gestures. What was particularly bothersome was when she became the victim of persistent sexual harassment by one of her colleagues. He would leer at her and touch her in subtle way. On one occasion, he told her that he found her very appealing and would like to have a special relationship with her. She got angry and rebuked him and also told him to get lost. Next day, during lunch she was looking for her purse in her handbag and while fumbling she found a strip of birth control pills. She was shocked and as she lifted her face she found her tormentor sitting right across the room who was looking at her with a sinister smile on his face. Parveen fought back her tears and simply walked out of the room. She felt absolutely helpless.


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