Case Study from Garments Sector:

19 Jul

Golapi is 18 years old. She is unmarried and has been working in a garment factory for three years. She became the victim of sexual harassment by the manager and one of the supervisors of the factory. The supervisor would touch her shoulder and back while passing by her station. At times, he would bend over her and put his hand on her shoulder and try to reach her bosom. Golapi had no where to go as the manager himself was also the tormentor who would make comments about her figure and appearance. He often commented in her presence that he would like to have her. Subsequently, Golapi was given night shift duty. As usual just like the previous five days she was on night shift duty when she was called by the supervisor into a room where the manager was also present. Both the supervisor and the manager tried to rape her. While the supervisor grabbed her from behind and gagged her, the manager tried to tear her clothes off. At one stage she started screaming and cried for help. When she tried to break free and screamed the manager attempted to choke her with the help of a shirt. She started bleeding in the mouth because of choking. She was taken to the hospital in almost unconscious condition. Salaries of both manager and supervisor of that particular month had been withheld by the owner as a punishment indeed.     


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