Case Study from Academia

19 Jul

The female Professor Mahjabin is also a victim of character assassination propaganda through leaflet distribution. The professor is young, outspoken and has an excellent academic background. In traditional Bangladesh society some one like her is not usually looked upon kindly. In 1998, she committed the ‘mistake’ by attending a meeting that was arranged to discuss the matter of the male faculty member who was facing an allegation of rape of a female student by him. The leaflet made comment about Professor Mahjabin’s personal life and carried on her character assassination alleging that she had an extra-martial affairs with one of the male member of the faculty. It is to be noted that in Bangladesh culture character assassination of woman to put her in her ‘proper place’ is very common. In a society where great emphasis is given on woman’s chastity and where her standing within the family and society depends on it, character assassination affects her in multifarious ways. She loses her dignity, her reputation and value as a woman not only within her immediate family like her husband and children but also within her extended family and in-laws family. She is put to shame to an extent that she gets psychologically shattered. In case of Professor Mahjabin, the perpetrators tried to do exactly the same. They did not stop at leaflet distribution. They also made phone calls to her thirteen years old son and e-mails to her husband. The harassment continued for a long time. She was harassed to a point that her professional life got affected.


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