This report shows the severity of sexual harassment.The number is beyond imagination. only in Dhaka 76% female face sexual harassment.

15 Jul

0217234914-blogThe Daily Star
Publication Date : 09-10-2012

Around 76 per cent of female students of higher education institutions in Bangladesh face sexual harassment within or outside campus by campus-related people, according to a study.

The tendency is highest in public universities followed by university colleges, private universities, and medical colleges, said a release of University Grants Commission (UGC), the regulatory and granting authority to public sector universities of Bangladesh.

Findings of the study, “Situational Analysis of Sexual Harassment at Tertiary Level Education Institutes in and around Dhaka”, were revealed in Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, yesterday.

Experts addressing the programme suggested that the issue of sexual harassment should get more attention than now for empowerment of women.

UGC Chairman Prof Dr AK Azad Chowdhury said sexual harassment at educational institutions was a concern. Instead of looking into the incidents of violence against women separately, it should be treated with priority to ensure women’s empowerment in society at every level, he said.

On behalf of the UGC, he said, “We can request and facilitate the universities to ensure women-friendly educational atmosphere and also to broaden the counselling services for female students and form complaints committees in every university against sexual and other forms of harassment of female students.”

The study was conducted by Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) under MDG Achievement Fund with Support from UN Women.

Dr Abul Barkat, study team leader and chief adviser of HDRC, disclosed the findings.


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